Age of Jura - Release Notes - 0.1.1

0.1.1 - January 20th, 2022

Build ID: 8053029

  • BUGFIX: Villager that is chopping a tree will hold an axe instead of a log
  • BUGFIX: Villager that carries an item and is manually pointed towards a storage, does not go idle anymore
  • BUGFIX: When one unit dies and is part of a selected group of units, it no longer causes the selection to not respond to right mouse clicks
  • BUGFIX: When a Villager is finished building a structure, it will not try to move into the structure
  • Use different health for units: Villager=100, Spear Thrower=100, Warrior=500, Archer=150
  • Change attack damage for units: Villager=3, Spear Thrower=7, Warrior=50, Archer=18
  • Meditation Cloth (for research) now costs 3 leather instead of 10 (3 leather can be made of 6 skins = 6 killed animals)
  • Knowledge Hut (for research) now costs 75 wood + 50 stone
  • Smelter now costs 30 wood + 50 stone
  • Weapon Maker now costs 30 wood + 20 stone
  • Fire Pit now burns 5 times longer
  • Fire Pit now only shows 'damaged' smoke at 25% health instead of 75% (like the other buildings)
  • Villagers are building structures faster (each hammer hit increases building health with 80 instead of 40)
  • Crafting Leather now costs 12 seconds instead of 30
  • Crafting an Iron Bar now costs 10 seconds instead of 15
  • Reduced crafting times (before>now): Leather=30>12, IronBar=15>10, Spear=10>5, Sword=15>7, Bow=20>8
  • Reduced crafting times (before>now): SpearThrower=10>7, Warrior=12>10, Archer=15>11
  • Archery Research does not require Warrior Research to be completed first anymore
  • Most researches now costs less resources
  • Dilophosaurus Spitting range to 15 (was 20 first), and AttackDamage from 20 to 32
  • Healing units at Fire Pit: now increases a relative amount (20% of max health of unit) and costs 20 food for each unit per 'heal'.

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