Age of Jura Release Notes

1.2.9 - Jul 28, 2023


[AOJ-178] Achievement "gathered[Wood/Stone/Leather]" is not correct when loading a game (when loading 2 minutes later, the 'last minute' items are gone) - Apply the time difference between the savegame and loadgame.

[AOJ-181] Fix several spelling errors and oddly phrased texts ( )

[AOJ-183] Villagers must stop their harvesting task when you rightclick on a storage (only drop off the items and then stop at the storage).

[AOJ-184] Villagers must not automatically switch to a resource when they are only AutoLooting items from the ground

[AOJ-189] Villagers: AutoBuilding unfinished structures must have higher priority then AutoLooting

[AOJ-192] Sometimes unbuild structures are not build: look for the closest Villager available instead of the closest human (other human types can not build structures!)

[AOJ-190] (from 1.2.9-dev) SaveGames from older versions (<=1.2.8) are not applying the new 'isHarvesting' for villagers automatically, causing all harvesting villagers to stop at the resource after loading.


[AOJ-186] Villagers with a gathering task and autoloot enabled should first scan the area for similar items on the floor (and pick them up) before starting to harvest a resource

[AOJ-187] When rightclicking on a storage, only villagers that are carrying something must walk to the entrance position

[AOJ-191] Save the current game version number inside each savegame from now on, so in the future on loading an older savegame any migration/conversions can be done easier.

[AOJ-176] Performance improvement: Dinosaurs must not scan the surroundings at every frame

[AOJ-177] Performance improvement: use fixed framerate for minimap

[AOJ-179] Performance improvement: Collect data once and share with all humans for surrounding checks (instead of 'finding' data for every human separately)

[AOJ-180] Performance improvement: Human animation event lookup scripts: don't use an array of strings to look what animation is playing (FireArrowStep1,FireArrowStep2,etc), but use tags (FireArrow), no iteration needed anymore

[AOJ-185] Performance improvement: Replace all distance checks for 'InRange/InFlatRange/Closest' lookups with sqrMagnitude

[AOJ-188] Performance improvement: Replace 'FindObjectsOfType<>' with existing structure references for highlighting nearby Knowledge Huts and Meditation Cloths

[AOJ-182] Possible performance improvement: Remove all test gameobjects in the Scene when building a release (Build.IProcessSceneWithReport)

1.2.8 - Jun 30, 2023


[AOJ-175] Bugfix: Amount of crafted Leather was not counted in the achievements

1.2.7 - Jun 30, 2023


[AOJ-173] Bugfix: If a watchtower is now placed above items, the items will be dropped outside of the watchtower (not under it, this was causing villagers to not be able to reach it)

[AOJ-174] Bugfix: Decrease all structure 'borders' (they were causing villagers to get stuck once in a while)

1.2.6 - Jun 30, 2023


[AOJ-172] Bugfix: Performance BUG for villagers, caused the game to be practically unplayable because of huge framerate drops

1.2.5 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-171] Bugfix: Achievement stats are now saved in the savegame

1.2.4 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-170] Bugfix: Autoloot flashing range (disappearing glitch)

1.2.3 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-167] Selecting a nest (of which an animal has been attacked) will now show more details if and when it's going to expand.

[AOJ-168] Flash the villager autoloot range only when a single villager is selected (and Autoloot is enabled)

[AOJ-169] Removed ugly water reflections for nests and animals

1.2.2 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-161] Bugfix: Autolooting sometimes was stuck when villagers needed to get another item type, but were already in range

[AOJ-162] Bugfix: When started (dragging) a selection and enabling a panel like 'Build Mode' (by pressing TAB), the selection no longer stays active


[AOJ-163] A villager returns to it's original location when autolooting (not when rightclicking directly on an item, because then that location becomes the original location)

[AOJ-164] Enabling the autoloot on villagers now shows the autoloot range for a second

[AOJ-165] Decreased villager autoloot range from 15 to 12

[AOJ-166] Disabled autolooting on all villagers by default

1.2.1 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-160] Bugfix: Amount of acquired knowledgepoints was not counted in the achievements

1.2.0 - Jun 29, 2023


[AOJ-152] Added 30 achievements to the game (

[AOJ-153] Add Steam Integration - all achievements are also added to Steam (saved for the current loggedin user)

[AOJ-154] Opening the achievements from the main menu will sync everything once to Steam (for existing profiles that already have finished levels, or when the Steam client was not available)

[AOJ-155] Villagers now have an option to enable/disable the 'autoloot' (disable if you want your villagers to stay put)

[AOJ-156] Add a 'Start' text to each world on the main menu for more clarity

[AOJ-157] Reduce leather craft time (from 12s to 11s)

[AOJ-158] Reduce watchtower Iron Bar costs - after 3 watchtowers it will cost an increasing 10 Iron Bars per additional tower (instead of 15)

[AOJ-159] Reduce watchtower Leather costs - after 5 watchtowers it will cost an increasing 2 leather per additional tower (instead of 5)

1.1.0 - Mar 31, 2023


[AOJ-150] Bugfix: Fixed a 'loop effect' when damaged villagers were healing at a Firepit, and then stopped to 'repair' the firepit. (Firepits can not be 'repaired' anymore, use the icons when selecting a firepit to give it more fuel)

[AOJ-151] Bugfix: Dragging a selection when 'starting' on an object (left-clicking a tree/resource etc) is now possible (it used to just select the left-clicked object, but it will now do the real selection after a 'mouse-up')


[AOJ-139] Watchtower: NEW structure! (will attack nearby animals with arrows)

[AOJ-140] Watchtower: The attack range is visible when selected and when placing

[AOJ-141] Watchtower: The more you have, the more another one will cost (this forces you to place them more strategically, and not just all over the place)

[AOJ-142] Watchtower: Attack damage can be changed in the difficulty settings

[AOJ-143] Nests: Adjusted the default difficulty settings: increase the time in seconds for a nest to expand after an animal of that nest was attacked, easy=180s (was 60s), medium: 120s (was 20s), hard: 60s (was 10s)

[AOJ-144] Spearthrower: Increased attack range (7 to 11) + attack damage (+1 for each difficulty level)

[AOJ-145] Human attack: When an animal is getting attacked by a human, nearby animals from the same species also attack you, so make sure you attack animals which 'wonder off' slightly from the others

[AOJ-146] Watchtower attack: When an animal is getting attacked by a watchtower, nearby animals (but a larger range comparing to a human-attack, and also animals from other species) will also attack you.

[AOJ-147] Villagers give priority to the last item they were carrying, if they see stuff on the ground (not just the closest)

[AOJ-148] Firepit has increased 'lifetime', it was losing 1 health each 5 seconds, causing it to burn up after about 8 minutes, it now loses 1 health each 10 seconds, causing it to burn up after about 16 minutes.

[AOJ-149] Added 2x iron ore rock to the second map which did not yet have iron ore (will not show up on savegames from older versions, only when you start this level again fresh)

1.0.2 - Dec 09, 2022


[AOJ-136] Brighten up the game, remove dark shadows for more visibility


[AOJ-137] Implemented a 'follow target' feature ( Keycode=F ), which allows the camera to follow a single target smoothly (works on humans + animals)

[AOJ-138] Created new trailer including the 'follow target' feature

1.0.1 - Nov 04, 2022


[AOJ-135] Bugfix: The top-centered icon for Wood and Coal do not show the '+ {nr} Health' anymore when hovering over it (only at the bottom when a firepit is selected)

1.0.0 - Oct 31, 2022


[AOJ-134] RELEASE Age of Jura - v1.0.0

0.2.8 - Oct 17, 2022


[AOJ-131] Customizable keyboard controls (to support Azerty keyboards)

[AOJ-132] There is a new 'Controls' menu

[AOJ-133] The new keys will display on screen when needed

0.2.7 - Aug 07, 2022


[AOJ-122] When an animal is selected, it's nest is also highlighted

[AOJ-123] Implemented difficulty settings for profiles (Easy/Medium/Hard/Custom)

[AOJ-124] Add difficulty setting: Set amount of produce for each resource

[AOJ-125] Add difficulty setting: Set food values per item

[AOJ-126] Add difficulty setting: Set nest expand timer (after the last attack for any animal of this nest, the timer starts, when its done, the first idle animal will expand to a new nest)

[AOJ-127] Add difficulty setting: Attack damage for each human + animal

[AOJ-128] Add difficulty setting: Amount of meat dropped on death for each animal

[AOJ-129] Add difficulty setting: Amount of skins dropped on death for each animal

[AOJ-130] Custom difficulty settings allows you to create your favorite kind of gameplay

0.2.6 - Aug 05, 2022


[AOJ-119] Rotate the camera with the mouse (in addition of using the Q/E keys) by holding the middle mouse button and then moving left/right

[AOJ-120] Zoom in/out (in addition of using the mouse scroll wheel) by pressing I (zoom in) or O (zoom out)

[AOJ-121] Add the 'group' controls functionality to the Help text: press any number from 0 to 9 to select a group, and CTRL+0 (to 9) to assign the current selected units to a group.

0.2.5 - Aug 04, 2022


[AOJ-118] Several spelling errors have been corrected

0.2.4 - May 28, 2022


[AOJ-113] Bugfix: Shooting a projectile (spear/arrow/spit) was very laggy (bug was introduced in v0.2.3 by the 'under attack' message)

[AOJ-114] Bugfix: The researched speed was only applied on the in-game units and not on the newly crafted units

[AOJ-115] Bugfix: Instantly update the max population limit after a hut is build or destroyed


[AOJ-116] Improve the topright corner UI: Grey-out the unit icon in the topright corner if you don't have any units of that type

[AOJ-117] Improve the topright corner UI: Be able to select all (+idle) units of a specific type instead of only the idle ones

0.2.3 - May 27, 2022


[AOJ-104] Bugfix: The edges of the Arena were visible, they are now hidden

[AOJ-105] Bugfix: Remove the 'corner-darkness' (vignette) after a level has started

[AOJ-106] Bugfix: Fix the mouse hover bug when hovering over 'build structure' panel

[AOJ-107] Bugfix: Fix rare animation bug for archers

[AOJ-108] Bugfix: When a structure is placed on the edge of the water, the ground will lift a bit higher up to avoid water flowing 'into' the structure

[AOJ-109] Bugfix: Humans were getting stuckbetween two smelters if they were placed too close to each other

[AOJ-110] Bugfix: When the multiplier 5x or 10x was selected (at a structure) then the amount of costs for a new structure also did show they costs 5x or 10x more

[AOJ-111] Bugfix: When x-ray is disabled, and selection is still active, the selected units are still highlighted in green (instead of blue)

[AOJ-112] Bugfix: Fix bug where sometimes Villagers can be shown as 'idle' but they are not (they are just standing still a split second after dropping off stuff for example)


[AOJ-95] New research: "Sharp Arrows" (Archers do more damage) - only available after research 'Archery' is completed

[AOJ-96] Show a notification somewhere in the screen if any of your structures or units are under attack

[AOJ-97] Villagers are now able to repair damaged structures

[AOJ-98] Create selectable groups of units to have more control (quicker selections when attacking)

[AOJ-99] A Dinosaur will first go to sleep at the spot where it will create a new nest, to make it visually clear that a new nest is being created (you can quickly kill that dinosaur if you don't want another nest)

[AOJ-100] Got rid of the difficult calculation for new nests, now: after a dinosaur of any nest is attacked, a random dinosaur of that nest will wonder off after a certain time to create a new nest (it will first sleep at that spot)

[AOJ-101] New nests will be created further away from the current nest

[AOJ-102] Added an option in the menu to change the brightness of the game

[AOJ-103] Disable the minimap in the Arena

0.2.2 - Apr 23, 2022


[AOJ-89] Added the 'Arena' where you can practice attacks against different animals

[AOJ-90] Unlock mechanism for Arena (conquer more levels in Story Mode to unlock more items)

[AOJ-91] Disable X-Ray Vision, objectives, build mode and researches in the Arena

[AOJ-92] Only for the Arena: changed the 'Save & Quit' button in the in-game menu to 'Quit' (the arena is never saved)

[AOJ-93] Use different button styling in the main menu

[AOJ-94] Use the same scrollbar styling in the main menu

0.2.1 - Apr 15, 2022


[AOJ-82] Bugfix: The minimap (+ some other icons) should not be in front of the victory/gameover screen


[AOJ-83] Added World 8 "Grow a spine" (with new dinosaur: Spinosaurus)

[AOJ-84] Added World 9 "Glorious teeth" (with new dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex)

[AOJ-85] Added World 10 "Last breaking dawn"

[AOJ-86] Added ending message when all worlds are completed

[AOJ-87] Changed the 'Quit' button in the in-game menu to 'Save & Quit'

[AOJ-88] Added help screen (F1) with info and key commands + Show it on the first world when the level starts

0.2.0 - Mar 17, 2022


[AOJ-49] Bugfix Selections: When multiple human-types are selected, the minus button (bottom) now works properly (and with CTRL pressed, you can do 'minus one' of one kind)

[AOJ-57] Bugfix: Villagers can now harvest right near the entrance position of a storage (Example of the bug shown in v0.1.8 : )

[AOJ-58] Bugfix: When a dino is killed near a structure it can drop meat/skin under the structure. These items will now be moved to the entrance of any structure, so villagers can reach it.

[AOJ-59] Bugfix: Structures can now be build on places where items are laying on the floor

[AOJ-60] Bugfix: When an action is finished (Build/Chop/Mine...) then reset the destination of that human (it sometimes used to walk into a structure for example after building)

[AOJ-61] Bugfix: Camera movement with the mouse on the screen edge while you are rotated now works correctly (the rotation was ignored before)

[AOJ-62] Bugfix: Placing a structure in a world with many structures was causing the game to run very slowly during the visibility of the structure placeholder

[AOJ-63] Bugfix: There is now a small delay between selecting a structure to build, and the actual placement (to avoid a bug that sometimes a structure would be placed directly after selecting it in the menu)

[AOJ-64] Bugfix: The screen is not frozen anymore when an animal drops a large amount of meat/skins


[AOJ-41] Created a "Crafting Multiplier" option at each crafting menu (to craft 1, 5 or 10 items at once) - NOTE: Right click on the craftable icon = remove the amount from the craft queue !

[AOJ-42] If (in the case of crafting Humans) a Crafting Multiplier amount is set (for example 5) and the MaxPopulation is not reached but also hasn't got room for 5 more, a special message will be given on mouse hover (to reduce the amount)

[AOJ-43] Added X-Ray Vision: When researched and activated (by icon or pressing 'V') it consumes Knowledge Points while active

[AOJ-44] X-Ray vision will show the world in grayscale, with all your structures/units light up in green, resources in blue and animals/nests in red. With the X-Ray vision it's much easier to locate hidden stuff behind a bunch of trees.

[AOJ-45] Minimap: The minimap now has a cirle shaped mask

[AOJ-46] Minimap: The whole map now rotates the same way as the world is rotated, the arrow (angle pointer) is now removed

[AOJ-47] Minimap: The minimap now uses an orthographic camera view (usually used for minimaps)

[AOJ-48] Minimap: A map only has to be researched on the training level (world 1), on all other levels the minimap is directly available.

[AOJ-50] Added World 6 "Skull crushers" (with new dinosaur: Pachycephalosaurus)

[AOJ-51] Added World 7 "Pointy toddlers" (with new dinosaur: Triceratops)

[AOJ-52] The new dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus and Triceratops will do damage to multiple humans if they are close to the attack area (head). So a large group of humans can now be killed quickly by these type of animals.

[AOJ-53] Fishing: Catching a fish now takes a bit less time then before

[AOJ-54] Fishing: Every fishing spot has an 'entrance' for villagers to walk to and to start fishing. This is now visually shown with leaves.

[AOJ-55] Fishing: It is not possible anymore to build a structure on top of a fishing spot 'entrance' (to avoid a bug that villagers won't be able to walk up to a fishing spot when there is a structure)

[AOJ-56] Any placed structure foundation will be automatically build by the closest villager, it will pause it's current task to build the structure.

[AOJ-65] Now max 40 houses can be build instead of 20 (is 80 max population without researches (40*2) or 200 (40*5) population with full researches)

[AOJ-66] Humans and animals can not walk through buildings anymore

[AOJ-67] Animals will automatically heal their wounds over time

[AOJ-68] Updated world 2: Added some more ground for building structures

[AOJ-69] Updated world 3: Added more trees

[AOJ-70] Add more fishing spots/trees (various worlds)

[AOJ-71] Storage: add barrels to the back of the storage so you can see what's the front (where villagers will go to drop their stuff)

[AOJ-72] Reset/normalize the foundations (wooden beams) of unbuild structures

[AOJ-73] The 'Troodon' dinosaur is now stronger (more attack damage, more speed)

[AOJ-74] When an animal is killed the meat/skin will now be rotated randomly

[AOJ-75] Reduce some research costs

[AOJ-76] Every tree now produces more wood

[AOJ-77] Every rock now produces more stones

[AOJ-78] Dinosaurs now travel to the edge of a structure and then directly attack, instead of using the center of a structure.

[AOJ-79] If the warrior/archer is not researched yet but you get one at the start of a level, the 'idle' button of that human type will also be shown

[AOJ-80] Show a mouse hover message when a structure can not be build with the error message directly shown (for example, 'not enough resources' or 'max 40 huts can be build')

[AOJ-81] Make the mouse text area a bit wider to support larger one-liner.

0.1.8 - Feb 20, 2022


[AOJ-18] Bugfix: Rightclick on an item/resource: non-villagers now also move to that point and do not stand still

[AOJ-19] Bugfix: Disable colliders on 'carried' items, which caused humans to move on top of each other weirdly

[AOJ-20] Bugfix: Removed a long waiting time for villager on item drop (making each villeger much more 'responsive')


[AOJ-21] Villagers drop resources at the entrance of a storage instead of in the middle of the storage

[AOJ-22] Villagers gather on a random point around the resource, not all at the same spot

[AOJ-23] Easier selection of small animals: each animal now has a surrounding selection area (before it was almost impossible to 'target' a Compsognathus from a distance)

[AOJ-24] Nests expand after an animal of that nest is being attacked and the nest has at least 2 animals or max-2 animals left (+ after nest-expansion delay timer)

[AOJ-25] The nest-expansion timer resets every time an animal is being attacked, thus so long you keep attacking, the nest will not expand

[AOJ-26] Add texts on Research Recipes on mouse hover, so you know what the icon stands for

[AOJ-27] Re-order the Research list (smelting before warriors/archery because you need that first)

[AOJ-28] Changed Spearthrower animation and make it a bit faster

[AOJ-29] Flash a red color when rightclicking an animal (attacking) + flash a blue color on rightclicking an item (pickup)

[AOJ-30] Loose items on the ground now also have a blue outline on selection (skin/meat/etc)

[AOJ-31] Fishing spots now contains 1000 fish instead of 100

[AOJ-32] Speed up healing at firepit

[AOJ-33] Reduce food costs for healing (now 5 food = 25% health increase, was 20 food for 20% health increase before)

[AOJ-34] Reduce most costs to have a more active gameplay experience

[AOJ-35] Reduced Spearthrower range to 7 (was 10)

[AOJ-36] Reduced Spearthrower attackdamage to 5 (was 7)

[AOJ-37] Reduced Villager attackdamage to 1 (was 3)

[AOJ-38] Reduced Villager/Spearthrower health to 25 (was 100)

[AOJ-39] Reduced Archer health to 100 (was 150)

[AOJ-40] Increased sword detection range (now sword-attackrange + 3, was sword-attackrange + 2)

0.1.7 - Feb 10, 2022


[AOJ-15] Added a new Island

[AOJ-16] Added Protoceratops

[AOJ-17] Added Velociraptors

0.1.6 - Feb 04, 2022


[AOJ-12] Changed the "Build Structure" panel

[AOJ-13] Use real images for each structure

[AOJ-14] Add a short description of what each structure is used for

0.1.5 - Jan 23, 2022


[AOJ-10] Bugfix - Craft button is not clickable while you have resources but population limit is reached: show message when population limit is reached.


[AOJ-11] Show message when you don't have enough resources to craft

0.1.4 - Jan 21, 2022


[AOJ-2] BUGFIX: Set correct max Health when humans are 'crafted' (Warriors/Archers should have more then villagers)

[AOJ-3] BUGFIX: The menu panels don't overlap each other anymore


[AOJ-4] Added more fishing spots to each world

[AOJ-5] Changed some Iron Ore Rocks to Stone Rocks in World 4, on the mountain side

[AOJ-6] Reduced costs (from>to) Warrior (100>75 food), Archer (250>100 food)

[AOJ-7] Reduced costs for Iron Bar (was 5 iron ore+1 coal, now=3 iron ore + 1 coal)

[AOJ-8] Reduced Research costs (from>to) HumanSpeed1 (1000>500 KP), HumanSpeed2 (2000>750 KP), HumanSpeed3 (3000>1500 KP)

[AOJ-9] Reduced Research costs (from>to) HumanPopulation1 (100>30 Skin), HumanPopulation2 (150 Skin>25 Leather), HumanPopulation3 (50 Leather>100 Skin)

0.1.3 - January 20, 2022


[AOJ-1] Early Release